Issue 6 is here!

Sideways Issue 6 is available to download for free now:

Sideways issue 6 2

Featuring The Pushcart Prize-nominated Joan Byrne and George Freek, award-winning writer Bill Cotter, prize-winning poet Judith Wozniak; also published poets Milton Ehrlich, Clive Donovan, Jim Conwell and Nina Lewis.

This issue also welcomes the poetry of Michael Bourne and Rebecca Denvers.


Milton Ehrlich – ‘Your Absence Is Present’, ‘Gone But Still Here’ & ‘Your Holy Breath’

Clive Donovan – ‘Pastorale’, ‘Forest Walk in Central Europe’ & ‘The Automatic Life’

Bill Cotter – ‘Of Wattles & Memories’

Joan Byrne – ‘Not since birth’ & ‘Pretty stoned’

Judith Wozniak – ‘The Boy In The Window’ & ‘Sparrow’

Jim Conwell – ‘Weightless’

Nina Lewis – ‘Star Mass’

George Freek – ‘Waking On My Birthday’, ‘The River Still Flows’ & ‘Winter As a Question’

New Poets

Michael Bourne – ‘Brief Encounter’

Rebecca Denvers – ‘What I would tell you’


Would you like to contribute? We’re ready for you! Issue 7 will be released in August 2022.

Please kindly read our submissions guide.