We are now accepting submissions for Issue 9 of the magazine, which will be released in August 2023.

The magazine is published twice a year. We also receive a huge amount of submissions, so it can take several months for us to get back to you regarding whether your work has been accepted.

-You can submit up to five poems for any one issue. Please do ensure the poems are original and have not been published, or being considered for publication, elsewhere. This does include personal websites and blogs.
-Do also remember to include a biography and publication history of up to 50 words, so we can include if published!
– Poems can be any form, length or structure. Creativity is infinite! Please do consider editorial restrictions, however. As a guide, length-wise, most poems we view are up to 5 pages of A4.
Sideways receives many submissions of which only several make it to copy. We will endeavour to reply to every single submission, but please do not be disheartened by rejection.
-We do pride ourselves on publishing new poets, so any requests for feedback will always be adhered to.
Sideways is free to submit to and free to read. As such, we regret that all published poems are unpaid.
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