Issue 8 – March 2023

Sideways issue 8

Featuring RL Poetry Award winner and 2021 Langston Hughes Fellow Soonest Nathaniel; Pushcart Prize-nominated George Freek and Clive Donovan; also published poets Ken Anderson, Jessica Salvi, Gerard Sarnat, John Grey & Frederick Pollack.

This issue also welcomes the poetry debut of Rebecca Friend.



GEORGE FREEK – ‘Grief (After Mei Yao Chen)’                                         ‘A Short Poem About A Crow (After Su Tung Po)’

KEN ANDERSON – ‘Palace of the Leopards’

JESSICA SALVI – ‘First Dates’ & ‘Prayer to an Aching Heart’

SOONEST NATHANIEL – ‘The Night (After The Bandits’ Attack)’


JOHN GREY – ‘The Unattained’




New Poets

REBECCA FRIEND – ‘What Is The Point?’ & ‘Grief’


Issue 7 – August 2022

Sideways issue 7-2

Featuring The Pushcart Prize-nominated DS Maolalai & George Freek; poetry prize nominated Yuan Changming; also published poets A.C., Amy Curtis, Ivan de Monbrison, John Grey, Liz Dean, Phil Huffy & Sarah Radice.

This issue also welcomes the poetry debuts of Annie Tallis, Lisa Anderson, Nicola Neal & Yasmin Smith.


JOHN GREY – ‘My Presence’

PHIL HUFFY – ‘Shallow End’ & ‘Hunted’

GEORGE FREEK – ‘December From My Cabin (After Tu Fu)’  &   ‘Bird Chatter (After Li Shaglin)’


SARAH RADICE – ‘Stone Carving In My Sleep’   &   ‘Last Rites’

YUAN CHANGMING – ‘Immanence’

A.C. – ‘In The Making’

DS MAOLALAI – ‘Miserable, drifting’   &   ‘Temple Bar’

LIZ DEAN – ‘Flight’

AMY CURTIS – ‘Nothingness’   &   ‘Augustus’

New Poets

YASMIN SMITH – ‘How love feels to me’


ANNIE TALLIS – ‘Inheritance’


Issue 6 – February 2022

Featuring The Pushcart Prize-nominated Joan Byrne and George Freek, award-winning writer Bill Cotter, prize-winning poet Judith Wozniak; also published poets Milton Ehrlich, Clive Donovan, Jim Conwell and Nina Lewis.

This issue also welcomes the poetry of Michael Bourne and Rebecca Denvers.


Milton Ehrlich – ‘Your Absence Is Present’, ‘Gone But Still Here’ & ‘Your Holy Breath’

Clive Donovan – ‘Pastorale’, ‘Forest Walk in Central Europe’ & ‘The Automatic Life’

Bill Cotter – ‘Of Wattles & Memories’

Joan Byrne – ‘Not since birth’ & ‘Pretty stoned’

Judith Wozniak – ‘The Boy In The Window’ & ‘Sparrow’

Jim Conwell – ‘Weightless’

Nina Lewis – ‘Star Mass’

George Freek – ‘Waking On My Birthday’, ‘The River Still Flows’ & ‘Winter As a Question’

New Poets

Michael Bourne – ‘Brief Encounter’

Rebecca Denvers – ‘What I would tell you’

Issue 5 – July 2021

Sideways issue 5-2

Featuring award-winning writers Bill Cotter and Christine Hamm; novelist and screenwriter Philip Davison; published poets Edward Alport, Mike Cole, Ian Heffernan, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad and Lorelei Bacht.

This issue also welcomes the poetry of Deborah York.


Edward Alport – DIES IRA’ & ‘How To Eat Chocolate’ 

Mike Cole – ‘Bats’, ‘Inebriate’ & ‘Climb’

Bill Cotter – ‘Visiting a Remembered Watershed’ & ‘Visiting an Old Wimmera Home’

Philip Davison – ‘Bowl of Fruit’

Ian Heffernan – ‘Chinese Haiku’ & ‘Nocturne, September 2018’

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad – ‘Secret Lives’ & ‘Holding Out’

Christine Hamm – ‘they move through their mute rooms’

Lorelei Bacht – ‘Sailor, i refute you.’

New Poets

Deborah York – ‘Thankful’

Issue 4 – January 2021

Sideways issue 4

Featuring multiple ‘Pushcart Prize’ and ‘Best of the Net’ nominee DS Maolalai; as well as published poets Bruach Mhor, Timothy Resau, Cara L McKee, Gerry Stewart, Gillie Robic, Beth McDonough and Leisha Douglas.

This issue also welcomes the poetry of actor and screenwriter Gabrielle Finnegan.


DS Maolalai – ‘Coathangers’ & ‘Knuckles’

Bruach Mhor – ‘Scandanavia according to Netflix’

Timothy Resau – ‘Leon’s Dream’ & ‘During The First Illness’

Cara McKee – ‘Red’, ‘The same as we’ve always been’ & ‘Donna’

Gerry Stewart – ‘Self-Determination’

Gillie Robic – ‘Fractured’

Beth McDonough – ‘28th of March Between the Port and the Cala’

Leisha Douglas – ‘Stop Here’ & ‘The Order of Things’  

New Poets

Gabrielle Finnegan – ‘Dessert’

Sideways issue three

Issue 3 – July 2020

Featuring literary prize winners Marka Rifat and William Cotter; as well as published poets Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Grant Tarbard, Madelaine Smith, Kathryn Southworth and A C Clarke.

This issue also hands a very warm welcome to journalist/creative artist Daniel Sollé and the exceptionally talented Ed Limb.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful contributors.


Marka Rifat – ‘Dear enemy’ &  ‘Green Memory’

Ed Limb – ‘Joy, We Win’, ‘Snow’, ‘Attic’ & ‘Rented World’

Bobbi Sinha-Morey – ‘Hulio’, ‘Legacy’ & ‘Prairie’

Grant Tarbard – extract of ‘dog’ 

Madelaine Smith – ‘Christminster’, ‘Circle Dancing’

Daniel Sollé – ‘Dawn’ & ‘My Boy’

William Cotter – ‘Sputnik’

Kathryn Southworth – ‘Scissors…’ & ‘Building’

A C Clarke – ‘In Praise of Winter’

London issue 2

Issue 2, September 2019



Louis Faber – ‘Mid Morning Song’

Nicola Stringer – ‘London Chronic’

Judith Wozniak – ‘Westminster Bridge’

Ilse Pedler – ‘Museum of Excuses’

William Doreski – ‘The Spread of Unicorns’

William Doreski – ‘A Map of Pre-War London’

Kat Dixon – ‘other people are furniture (on the tube)’

James Bell – ‘parachuting onto Euston Road’

*Original version edited in October 2020 to remove Cai Draper’s poem ‘how we ever/in youngness’ 

Sideways issue 1 Nature

Issue 1, March 2019



Ceinwen Haydon – ‘The Welsh Marches’

Suchetana Day – ‘ The Moon Kissed Candlelight’

Linda M. Crate – ‘Right As Rain’, ‘Nature’s Wild Daughter’

Richard Gilbert-Cross – ‘Wetlands’

Kyla Houbolt – ‘Smith Creek After Hurricane Florence’

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